The BLS course stands for Basic Life Support using the automated external defibrillator (AED). This training focuses on adult CPR.

Course content

Every year, 15,000 people in the Netherlands suffer cardiac arrest (circulatory arrest) outside the hospital. Every week that’s 300 people: young, old, male or female, it can happen to anyone. A quality CPR performed significantly increases the chance of survival.

Our BLS & AED course focuses on teaching the skills necessary to improve the quality of basic CPR. One must not only know what to do, but also have the courage to take action. Our experienced instructors are all NRR certified BLS instructors, with extensive experience as healthcare professionals. They follow the official NRR curriculum, which combines theory and practical implementation step by step. If desired, training can be customized for companies/institutions.

Objective Basic Life Support course.

After completing this course, you will be able to apply Basic Life Support – according to NRR guidelines – to adults and use an AED.

You learned to:

Target group and level

This course is suitable for both professionals and individuals. Specific prior knowledge is not required.

Length and study load

Practical training of approximately 2.5 hours.
Optional preparatory e-learning can be used.

Study Material

Optional e-Learning
BLS textbook


Teacher assessment during training.

Certification and accreditation

Upon completion, the participant will receive the official NRR certificate “BLS Helper.”
V&VN accreditation points: 3 points
NVBMH accreditation is pending


€49 exempt from VAT.
If you have supplementary insurance, there is the possibility to claim all or part of the course from your health insurance company.

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