The one-day ERC certified ILS provider is designed for (specialist) nurses and paramedics. This course focuses on teaching (specialized) resuscitation acts appropriate to the caregiver’s job.

Course content

The Immediate Life Support course is a multidisciplinary one-day course that provides essential knowledge and skills for performing specialized CPR. The concept closely parallels that of the two-day ALS course, but focuses only on core knowledge and skills. The course aims to teach the healthcare professionals -who are part of the resuscitation team- basic skills regarding specialty resuscitation. Throughout the course, content will be tailored to the participant’s background, knowledge and skills.

Various skills such as BLS, airway management, safe defibrillation and rhythm recognition are trained. Also covered is the systematic approach to the vitally endangered patient using the ABCDE system. Various simulations are used to practice starting up CPR scenarios. In addition, throughout the course there is a focus on applying “non technical skills.”

Objective Immediate Life Support course.

After completing this course, you will be able to administer specialized CPR – according to ERC guidelines – to adults.

You learned to:

Target group and level

(Specialized) nurses and paramedics who (may) come into professional contact with specialized CPR.

Length and study load

Preparation depends on prior education and experience.

Practical training

1 day (8 hours).

Study Material

ILS manual (PDF)


(mandatory) pre-test.
Continuous assessment by the instructor throughout the training.


Any retake of the pre-test may be taken at any time, but not on the course day itself.

Certification and accreditation

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an ILS Provider certificate from the European Resuscitation Council (ERC).
V&VN accreditation points: 8
NVBMH accreditation is pending


€ 249 exempt from VAT, including lunch and unlimited drinks during the day.