Incompany & customized courses

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In addition to the various standard courses, the Excellus Academy also offers in-company and customized courses. These courses are given to nurses working in various (specialized) departments in the hospital.

What is an in-company course?

A tailor-made course, entirely according to your wishes and at a location of your choice.

How it works.

All courses in our course offerings, including custom courses, can also be provided on-site. Through an intake interview, we try to get as much in-depth knowledge of your situation as possible and jointly determine which learning objectives are central to your course. We create a draft lesson plan based on the intake interview, internal guidelines and daily operations. You will receive the draft lesson plan and quote ASAP after the intake. If agreed, our instructor, in consultation with experienced instructors, creates a customized course. Of course, it is still possible to ask questions about the draft lesson plan and make minor changes.

As the client, you decide the date and location. Big advantage is that participants have less travel time and incur fewer travel expenses. In addition, this form ensures that the participants get to know each other (even) better and help each other develop, during the course and in the period that follows.

Why the Excellus Academy?

We like short lines of communication and a personal touch. Our customized courses are distinguished by their focus on practice and on behavioral change in trainees, so that what is learned is also sustainable. Our instructors have the experience and professionalism like no other to make this customized course a success.

For more information on in-company and customized courses, contact us.