The two-day ENA Certified ENPC Provider, 5th Edition teaches you to accurately assess the child with trauma or acute illness and apply associated interventions.

Course content

Accurate assessment of a child (from birth to adolescence) with trauma or acute illness requires special knowledge and skills. This course, taught by experienced instructors, is designed to provide basic knowledge and teach skills needed to apply evidence-based interventions to this high-risk group.

The ENPC includes informative lectures, interesting demonstrations and multiple skill stations. The first day will focus on: Triage & initial assessment, airway management, respiratory failure, shock, pediatric diseases and soft skills. The second day focuses on pediatric traumatology, hands-on training of care for the acutely vital child and review theory.

Purpose course ENPC – Provider

After completing this course, you will be able to perform primary and secundary assessment in a child with trauma or acute illness.

You will learn to:

Target group and level

ICU and ED nurses, Anesthesia staff, Ambulance nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians (BMH) who are or may be professionally involved with the care of the vitally endangered child due to illness or accident.

Length and study load

Preparation depends on prior education and experience.
Practical training: 2 days (16 hours).

Study Material

ENPC manual (digital)
Online modules


Practice review through “continuous assessment”
Theory test via “open book test” at the end of the course


Retakes are not possible. In case of unsatisfactory results, the entire course will have to be retaken.

Certification and accreditation

Upon completion, you will receive the official ENA “ENPC Provider” certificate (valid for 4 years). The ENPC is the only internationally recognized course -on the acutely vital child- for nurses and paramedics.
V&VN accreditation points: 15
NVBHM accreditation is pending


€ 749 exempt from VAT, including lunch and unlimited drinks during the days.