The one-day ENA Certified TNCC Refresher is an abbreviated version of TNCC, 8th edition. It was developed for nurses who need to renew their TNCC provider certification.

Course content

Every second counts when stabilizing life-threatening trauma cases. This course, taught by experienced TNCC instructors, teaches you to provide high-quality trauma care. You will learn to combine evidence-based knowledge, critical thinking and psychomotor skills within a systematic approach.

The emphasis is on self-study using the TNCC manual and the interactive online modules. The Refresher (also called “Fast Track”) consists of only a small portion of didactic instruction. However, the student does go through the same Trauma Nursing Process (TNP) skill station as the full two-day TNCC Provider. At the end of the day there will be a TNP practical test and an (open book) theory test.

Purpose course TNCC – refresher

After completing this course, you will be able to properly assess the trauma patient and implement evidence-based interventions to improve the outcome for this patient.

You learned to:

Target group and level

ICU and ED nurses, Anesthesia staff, Ambulance nurses and Emergency Medical Technicians (BMH) who are (or may be) professionally involved with the care of trauma patients.

To participate in the one-day Refresher, students must hold a valid (<4 years) TNCC provider certificate. With a valid certificate from another “trauma course,” you could also qualify. To do so, contact

Length and study load

Preparation depends on prior education and experience.
Practical training: 1 day (8 hours).



Certification and accreditation

Upon completion, you will receive the official ENA TNCC Provider certificate. The TNCC is the only internationally recognized trauma course for nurses and paramedics.
V&VN accreditation points: 9
NVBMH accreditation is pending


€ 549 exempt from VAT, including lunch and unlimited drinks during the days.