Review of reserved and high-risk actions especially for nurses (level 4 or 5) working in hospital, nursing home or community care.

Reserved and risky operations

Risky actions are those that pose risks to the client when performed. Reserved operations are a specific group within high-risk operations. These are acts performed professionally by individual professionals. In Article 36 of the BIG Act, 14 high-risk actions are classified as reserved actions . One may perform a reserved act only if, in addition to being qualified, one is competent to perform that act.

Theoretical section:
You will independently go through 7 mandatory e-learning modules , which must be successfully completed, before being able to participate in the practical assessment.

Practical section:
You will be sent observation lists of all actions that will be tested for preparation. During the practical session, you will be practically tested in a simulated setting. Two teachers independently assess the actions using so-called “evidence-based” observation lists .

Review of reserved and high-risk operations

Upon completion of the practical test, you will have demonstrated mastery of the following actions during a simulated setting:

Target group and level

BIG registered nurses (level 4 or 5) working in hospital/nursing home or district care.

Length and study load

Preparation (theory): 5-7 hours (depending on prior education and experience)
Assessment (practical): 1.5 hours

Study Material:

DocZero e-learning modules


Certification and accreditation


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